Workplace assessments

Workplace Assessments

Clyde Healthcare provides a wide variety of workplace assessments for large, medium and small businesses in various sectors. Workplace assessments are becoming more and more common as employers are required by health and safety regulations to assess any risks involved for employees in the workplace.

Benefits of workplace assessments

The introduction of workplace assessments may be a necessity to fulfil health and safety requirements or as part of a long term occupational health strategy. Either way, they can have many benefits to employers and employees alike.

Benefits to company:
  • Protects the workforce from any immediate or potential danger
  • Fulfils legal requirements
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • A healthier, happier workforce
Benefits to employees:
  • Protects them from any work-related illness
  • Allows them to voice any concerns they may have regarding illness in the workplace
  • Reduces time off due to work-related illness

What is involved?

The ways in which workplace assessments are carried out can vary depending on the industry. However, workplace assessments can be carried out in any working environment and they all serve the same purpose: to identify the risks involved for employees in the workplace.

For example, a fork lift driver’s duties possess risks which have the potential to seriously harm themselves and others if the necessary precautions are not in place. In this instance, Clyde Healthcare can carry out a workplace assessment for the employer and provide appropriate recommendations to avoid any potential dangers involved for the employee and the others around them.

Yet it is not just obvious industrial companies who require workplace assessments. Office environments also possess risks which can cause employees ill-heath, therefore precautions and measures must be implemented in these situations. In these environments, employees can suffer from back pain, migraines, strain injuries and many more illnesses which can be due to something as simple as a poorly set up workstation. Clyde Healthcare can assess the workstation and provide advice of measures to prevent these work-related illnesses.

Risks are present in all working environments, whether they be life threatening or not, it is necessary to identify these risks and provide solutions to protect the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Why use Clyde Healthcare?

As an employer, it is your responsibility to identify all risks your employees face and take action to prevent these risks harming the workforce. Clyde Healthcare works with companies in various business sectors to identify and measure these risks and provides recommendations for necessary precautions. Our recommendations for actions are tailored to suit the individual company needs in a way which guarantee they are able to implement the appropriate solutions.

We offer a flexible and efficient service and are able to carry out workplace assessments for businesses in Glasgow and throughout the rest of the UK on company premises, with minimum disruption to the working environment.

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