Where do I start

Where do I start?

At Clyde Healthcare, we know how difficult it can be to make the decision to ask for help, so whether you are looking for care for yourself, a family member, friend or neighbour, our friendly staff will help make the experience simple and comfortable for everyone involved.

We understand that you may want some time to gather information and ask questions before setting up care at home services, so we are happy to be guided by you. Here is a general sequence of events that we will go through at your own pace:

Make an enquiry by phone

Whether you are ready to set up a homecare service, or merely want to ask some questions, you are very welcome to call and speak to our friendly staff. We can talk though the kind of help you might need, and explain how we would arrange this help for you, as well as giving you an indication of how much it’s likely to cost.

Schedule an appointment

When you are ready to take your enquiry further, we will arrange a suitable time to meet with you at your home or elsewhere, at a time that is convenient to you. Whether you are seeking assistance for yourself, a relative, friend or neighbour, you can choose who you wish to bring along.

Meeting in person

Our Homecare Manager will attend the meeting at your home to discuss your options in a relaxed environment. Our experienced manager will be glad to answer any questions you may have, but if you think of something else to ask once we’ve left, then please feel free to call us at our office. We can discuss the type of care that you or your loved one might benefit from, as well as how often you will require help and the times of day that would suit you best. We can also discuss costs of care, and your options to pay for it, as you may be entitled to some financial assistance.

Design your care plan

By this point, we will know more about one another and we will be in a position to design a care plan to suit your individual needs. You will be able to look over the care plan and make any changes to it to ensure you are perfectly happy before we begin. When developing the care plan, we not only discuss the kind of help you need or choose, but we cover a wider range of personal preferences including what you prefer to be called, what kind of food and drink you like, what times you get up, have meals and go to bed. We cover social, cultural and spiritual preferences and leisure interests. We also discuss what circumstances you require friends and relatives to be contacted. The care plan lets you retain control over your care, but also acts as a communication tool so that your homecare worker knows exactly what your wishes are when they arrive at your home.

Meet your homecare worker

We understand that people are individuals with differing personalities and needs; therefore we put a lot of thought into choosing a caring Homecare worker just for you. We will introduce him or her to you and give you some time to become acquainted, so that you can feel completely at ease when they arrive at your home. If you are not completely happy with our choice of homecare worker then you are perfectly entitled to ask us to select another carer.

Assess your care

Our goal is to make sure you are perfectly happy and content, so by having regular contact with you and your relatives we will be able to ensure that you are. We can discuss your care and make any adjustments as we go along as we know your needs may change. If you are ready to speak to someone who can help, please contact us.