What we offer

What we offer

Clyde Healthcare provides occupational health services for businesses in various sectors throughout the UK.

What is occupational health?

Occupational health supports employers in making sure that their employees are not being harmed by any work processes they carry out, whilst promoting health and wellbeing both in and out of work. Along with this when employees become absent from work due to a work or non work related reasons, Occupational Health can work with the Employee, their GP and/or Specialist to formulate an earlier return to work whilst monitoring their progress on return to work through Case Management and Rehabilitation processes.


By actively promoting health and wellbeing in your organisation through the implementation of an occupational health strategy you and your employees can gain many benefits such as:

  • Promoting your business as a reputable company who looks after its staff’s wellbeing
  • Identifying workplace risks and managing these protects employee health and wellbeing
  • Increasing staff morale and job satisfaction
  • Improving employee productivity and performance
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Creating an overall healthier and happier workforce

Why use Clyde Healthcare?

Clyde Healthcare offers a wide range of occupational health services which can be provided as part of a long term or short term strategy dependant on your need. Services will be led and delivered by highly experienced staff.

These services include:

Clyde Healthcare works with employers to tailor occupational health packages which suit individual company needs and can help employers work towards achieving the Healthy Working Lives Award.

Our Glasgow based office allows us to provide occupational health services in Scotland and throughout the rest of the UK either on company premises or at suitable locations elsewhere to all business sectors. We offer a flexible service with minimum disruption at times which are convenient to the organisation. Our accommodating service allows employers to contact us whenever necessary which means employers do not have to employ a full time occupational health nurse.

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To make an enquiry about occupational health services contact Clyde Healthcare on
Tel: 0141 427 7233