Health talks

Health Talks

Clyde Healthcare offers health talks to businesses of all sizes which provide vital information to help educate employees on healthy living.

Benefits of health talks in the workplace

Corporate health talks are becoming more and more common as employers recognise the long term benefits they provide to both employees and companies.

Benefits for companies:
  • Promotes positive image for looking after employees’ health and wellbeing
  • A healthier and more active workplace
  • Reduced employee absence levels therefore reduced sick leave costs
  • Improved productivity, performance and motivation
  • Improved employee morale and employee loyalty
Benefits for employees:
  • Receive invaluable information about health issues
  • Receive recommendations to actively improve health and prevent any future problems from arising
  • Enhances self-esteem and job satisfaction

What is involved?

Clyde Healthcare’s health talks for the workplace are tailored to the individual company needs and can be part of a long-term strategy to promote healthy living in the workplace. They can be provided individually or combined with other occupational health services by Clyde Healthcare.

Examples of health talks:
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • General wellbeing
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress awareness
  • Mental health awareness

This is a small example of different health talks which Clyde Healthcare provide, however a wide range of health topics are available at the employers request.

These sessions generally take around 1 hour per topic and can be conducted on-site. However, as the health talks can be tailored, alternative talk times and locations can be arranged.

Why use Clyde Healthcare?

Clyde Healthcare can provide health talks for companies in Glasgow and throughout the rest of the UK either on company premises or at a suitable location, making it completely flexible with minimum disruption to the company. Our health talks can be completely tailored to individual company’s needs in terms of which areas we cover, resulting in a service which is great value for money.

Make an enquiry

To make an enquiry about health screening in your workplace contact Clyde Healthcare on Tel: 0141 427 7233