Health surveillance

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance involves recognising work-related health risks for employees and putting measures in place for preventing these risks from being harmful. Clyde Healthcare works with employers to implement procedures to observe risks and prevent them from being harmful to the workforce.

Why introduce health surveillance for the workplace?

Due to regulations, it is a legal requirement to carry out health surveillance for certain health risks in the workplace.

There are many advantages to introducing health surveillance for the workforce such as:
  • Protects the workforce from any work-related illnesses or dangers
  • Fulfils legal requirements
  • Allows detection of any health issues at an early stage
  • Provides employees with confidence and trust in their duties and their employer
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves staff morale and job satisfaction

What is involved?

Health surveillance is usually implemented after an organisation performs a risk assessment. At this point, the risks are identified and an appropriate health surveillance programme can be implemented. Although some organisations are legally required to introduce health surveillance, all companies would be benefit from some form of health surveillance plan. Clyde Healthcare can work with employees to recommend the appropriate health surveillance programme.

When workplace risks are identified Clyde Healthcare will advise employees of the risks associated with their workplace and their job. Employees are then given advice on how to avoid these risks. We advise employees they have a responsibility to continuously check for these health risks and we advise them how to and what to check for and how to report symptoms. For example, an employee who is at risk of overexposure to harmful chemicals will be taught to look out for any symptoms which may occur such as rashes, red spots etc. They will then be advised on what actions to take once they notice the symptoms.

We can provide employee questionnaires which will be evaluated by ourselves and will then recommend suitable actions. Alternatively, we can come into premises and perform tests on employees. The different methods of health surveillance vary to suit the individual companies and the health risks involved.

Why use Clyde Healthcare?

We can carry out health surveillance on company premises or at suitable locations elsewhere and our service is available to all business sectors throughout the UK. We offer a flexible service with minimum disruption at times which is convenient you.

Clyde Healthcare can train certain employees such as supervisors, first aiders etc. on how to make basic checks as part of a long-term health surveillance programme in the workplace. For more complicated assessments, we can provide qualified nurses to perform examinations. Once assessments have been made, we are then able to provide qualified recommendations for the required actions.

Our health surveillance plans are tailored to suit the individual companies and the health risks involved in these organisations, to provide them with a great valued service which will be most beneficial to their own employees.

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