Drug Testing Scotland

Drug Testing Scotland

Drug and Alcohol Testing and Workplace Screening Scotland

Clyde Healthcare specialise in providing companies with a one-stop solution for all workplace drug screening & alcohol testing requirements. We pride ourselves on providing the following benefits to all our clients:

  • Complete cover – all of the tests we carry out are ‘full evidential’ meaning that the results are conclusive and can be used to safeguard your companies position
  • Expertise – all of our staff are fully trained and have years of experience in administering tests and reporting back with results and recommendations on best practice
  • Flexibility – we are able to react at short-notice to meet your company’s urgent requirements, with the ability to set up comprehensive onsite testing processes within 24-48 hours
  • Reassurance – because of the rigorous nature of our testing and the expertise of our staff, we can provide you with complete confidence and guidance when dealing with an area of sensitivity
  • Low Cost – we can provide all of these benefits and services at prices far below our competitors.  Call or contact us now on the details below to receive a free no obligation quote that is unique to your company’s needs.

What is involved?

Clyde Healthcare can assist companies in creating and implementing a drug screening and alcohol monitoring system in the workplace.

This can include the creation of a drug and alcohol policy for:

  • Pre-employment screening – allowing you to take preventative steps to stop drug and alcohol problems arising in the future
  • Random testing – Allowing you to promote yourself as a responsible company dealing with the issues of drug & alcohol misuse
  • For cause – In response to a drug or alcohol related incident within or out with your workplace
  • Follow-up testing – Following up a staff member who has returned to work with a previous drug and/or alcohol problem, and working with them for the benefit of both parties

We can also provide hands-on on how to implement any drug and alcohol policy.


We can offer the entire workplace alcohol testing and drug screening process at an all-inclusive, low cost, which includes:

  • Documentation
  • Testing kits
  • Staff rate 
  • Transportation of specimens
  • Laboratory fees


We are also able to tailor the tests to suit our client’s exact recreational drug requirements.


Hair Sample tests are also available and full details can be obtained through the contact points below.

Our drug and alcohol screening service can be offered either within your workplace or on alternative premises, with minimum disruption to the day-to-day business of the company.

Why use Clyde Healthcare?

Clyde Healthcare provides drug and alcohol testing to the largest maritime training company in the UK as well as providing workplace drug screening for Officers and Ratings in many UK shipping companies. Although for alcohol and drug testing Scotland is our main geographic area our services are available throughout the UK.

The “Chain of Custody” for drug analysis is strictly followed by our experienced staff in line with our protocol. The drug and alcohol testing service is supported by a laboratory who provide fully defensible results.


Make an enquiry

To make an enquiry about workplace drug and alcohol screening contact Clyde Healthcare on Tel: 0141 427 7233