When you or someone close to you is living alone, it can be comforting to know that a friendly face will be popping in to say hello from time to time. We could arrange for your carer to take you out to visit friends, do some shopping, or just sit and chat over a cup of tea. You might also like a bit of help to get up and dressed in the morning, so our personal care service could be offered if you need it too.

Our befriending services can sometimes give peace of mind to friends and relatives of elderly people living alone. Whether relatives live close by or far away, it is impossible for them to be around all the time. Our homecare workers can offer social companionship or just a little extra company from time to time, as well as being able to help out around the house with daily activities.

We can arrange for your Carers to visit daily, weekly, or as required to provide respite for friends or relatives. Whatever you choose, we will create a care plan that is designed especially for you, so that your carer will know exactly what you need when they arrive at your home.

Befriending can encompass many things and can overlap with other care services:

If you are ready to speak to someone who can help, please contact us.