Absence Management

Absence Management

Every employee has a responsibility to turn up to work whenever they are fit to do so. However, there are times when this responsibility is abused or employees do not feel comfortable enough to return to work after a long-term absence. In these instances, it is useful to implement an absence management programme.

Why introduce absence management for the workplace?

Absence, planned or unplanned can have a detrimental impact on an organisation as paying absent employees and hiring replacement employees can be extremely costly. Absence can also result in substantial loss of productivity, affect staff morale and disrupt the work of others. Implementing an appropriate absence management programme is an efficient way to overcome these issues.

Benefits of absence management for the company:
  • Can reduce extended periods of costly absences
  • Can provide employers with better understanding of the employees working conditions and allows them to make necessary improvements
  • Avoids any costly legal situations
  • Allows the business to perform at full capacity
Benefits of absence management for the employee:
  • Employees can discuss any issues or concerns they have with returning to work on a one on one basis with an occupational health professional
  • Can boost employees confidence and self-esteem to return to work

What is involved?

There are many reasons why employees are absent from their employment and whether it be planned or unplanned, on a short or long term basis, absence can often be inevitable. For example, new mothers on maternity leave, senior managers suffering from stress, or unfortunate accidents which have left an employee hospitalised. These are just a handful of examples which can occur which employers have little control over. Implementing an absence management programme can allow employers to manage these absences and understand when they can expect the employee to return to work.

When an absence management programme is implemented, Clyde Healthcare regularly reviews the absent employee to assess whether they are fit to return to work. We actively encourage employees to take the suitable steps to returning to work. These steps may involve returning earlier than they anticipated but on reduced working hours or with amended working conditions or duties. We liaise with the relevant line manager on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date with the progress of the employee and provide them with reports of their progress and an expected return to work date. In the event that we recommend that an employee is unsuitable to return to work we will advise the employer of the appropriate actions which should be taken.

Why use Clyde Healthcare?

Clyde Healthcare offer a discreet and efficient absent management programme which can be tailored to individual company needs. We understand that absence can be a delicate matter and is an issue which needs to be treated with certain levels of care and we are able to respect this by providing a bespoke service.

We carry out absence management in Glasgow and throughout the rest of the UK either on company premises or at suitable locations elsewhere to all business sectors. We offer a flexible service with minimum disruption at times which is convenient to the organisation.

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